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Get Ready to Sell Your Business

Get ready to sell your business

Selling a business is a complex endeavor. Many entrepreneurs postpone the sale of their business due to uncertainties and a fear of not getting what they want. As a result, when the time comes and a business must be sold anyway, it is often a fire sale, and the proceeds are seldom satisfactory. A worst-case scenario is closing the business doors and walking away after giving up on all dreams to get decent cash for years of hard work.

The bottom line is that selling a business has to be well planned in order to be a happy experience. Business Development Advocates offers services that help entrepreneurs get fair price for their businesses.
Milestones of getting your business to be sold for a fair price.

  1. Cleaning up your business records
  2. Reviewing the business web site
  3. Making a comparative market analysis
  4. Listing with Business Development Advocates

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Buy Business

buy business

In buying a business, you eliminate the risks related to start-ups. You will have a cash flow from the very first day of ownership. It’s like buying a car instead of an assembly kit. God only knows how you will manage to assemble those part on your own. However, ready for use an already assembled car can drive you instantly.

Upfront investment in buying an existing business can be even less when compared to a comparable start-up. For instance,  the Small Business Administration will provide loans specifically for business acquisition purposes. In some cases, you          can contribute as little as 15% as a down payment. If you can do it when you buy a car or a jet-sky, why can’t you do the same with an enterprise?


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